Upcoming Events and News

If you would like to rent the Legion for a Christmas or any other kind of event, please call the office at 867-667-2800 or


Annual Spring Garage Sale – This will take place on 11, 12, 13 May 2018.  This is a big fundraiser for the Legion.  We will advise when we will start taking donations of items but you can start prepping at home now in atticipation.  Here are some guidelines for items that you wish to donate:

1) No dirty, torn or unusable clothes (we had 9 garbage bags of clothes that were unusable);

2) Only serviceable electronics, labelled as to what they are and with connector/power cords;

3) No unmarked electronic cords; and

4) Usable books, magazines bundled or in solid boxes.

Last year’s stuff was great so keep it up – Make sure stuff is as clean as possible.

If you can follow these simple requests it makes setup and cleanup much easier and allows us to donate any unsold items.


Canada Day Parade


Canada Day / Remembrance Day Representative

Members of the Whitehorse Legion owe a big thank you to Comrade Red Grossinger.  He has been doing the organizing for Canada Day and Remembrance Day for many, many years.  As Red says “He is not getting any younger.”  We are looking for someone to assist Red and learn the ropes for one or both of these events.  If you are interested or would like more information, please give me a call (Joe 336-0896) and I will take your name and answer any questions you might have.

Interested in helping organise the Canada Day Parade?  The first Planning meeting is May 14th at 530pm at the Legion.

Contact us for details at 667-2800 or at

Remembrance Day

This is part of your initiation and pledge when you joined the Legion. ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN THE POPPY CAMPAIGN.     

Every year the Legion has wreaths that can be purchased for display and laying at the Remembrance Day ceremonies on November 11th. If you already have a wreath, please consider donating $50 each year for Remembrance Day.

To purchase a wreath, please contact us at 667-2800 or by email at